About Me

Anjal Chugh

As much as I dislike the conventional method of using certificates and meaningless degrees for endorsing abilities, I still have to follow the norms every step of the way. So, here I am, a Leadership Mentor, trying to remind people of the immense potential they are born with. All individuals are walking reservoirs of divine energy but not many are capable of  tapping   into the power source within. Everyone needs a nudge…a reminder every now and then. This is where I make myself useful. I help them discover their true potential and offer them tools to stay inspired and empowered,while journeying through life.

I conduct leadership and empowerment workshops for children, adults, business entrepreneurs, and also own and run a business advisory firm in NY. I started my career more than two decades ago as a Public Relations Executive, and later switched over to legal profession. After spending about sixteen years as a Litigation Attorney, I found my true calling and dedicated myself to healing and

empowering people who needed help. I’m skilled in business branding, Trademark Registration, Marketing & Distribution, Strategic planning, Public Speaking, Lifestyle & Leadership Coaching, and Stress Management.

My endeavor has always been to help people navigate through tough life situations in order for them to lead better and healthier lives. Apart from helping people find their inner voice, I have been working one – one with victims of domestic and child abuse, PTSD, inner fears, emotional trauma, unresolved grief, mental chaos and confusion. My personal coaching sessions, training modules and group workshops have been incredibly beneficial for those suffering from low self esteem, lack of confidence, poor attention span, anger issues, insomnia, anxiety disorder and depression. I’ve seen participants evolve into better communicators and able leaders. My experience as a Spiritual Mentor / Counselor has truly been rewarding for me. I have, not only learned, but experienced that everything on this planet is ‘Energy’ and simple modifications in the energy fields can manifest significant results. One can only imagine how empowered an individual can feel after he learns the technique of using his energy fields to his own benefit and the benefit of  the mankind.

I love working with energy fields which is why I feel so much drawn towards healing by channeling energy. I’m a certified Grief Counselor, serving on the  Advisory Board at American Institute of Health Care Professionals. I’m also a Reiki Master / Teacher (Level III), registered with International Natural Healers Association, which means that I am officially permitted to heal, and pass attunements to others (Just a worldly way of proving ones abilities).Although, every human being is born with an ability to heal, yet, the power to connect with, and to channel the higher energy, dies down as we grow older and continue severing all ties with our creator. Sooner or later we all have to attune ourselves with the higher power…the power from where we originated, and into which we are bound to merge one day (akin to the process of evolution and devolution). I understood the higher calling and my ‘life purpose’ the day I felt thunderbolt-like, intermittent waves of energy surging through my body. This was my first acquaintance with ‘Kundalini’ and from then on, a long painful journey of cleansing, rewiring and reprogramming started. It took me quite a while to understand the transformation that I was going through, but when I finally did…I could clearly see my path ahead. Getting involved in Spiritual healing made me feel complete and happy as never before. For me, it surely was an interesting transition from the field of man-made law to cosmic law.

Now, a little bit about me before I embarked on this humbling journey as a lightworker. After a brief spell in Public Relations, I spent almost twenty years in the field of ‘law’ and freelance writing, besides having worked as a lecturer in Law faculty (Delhi University) and a legal consultant for various private and public sector undertakings in India. My experience as a legal practitioner, for almost two decades, helped me gain insight in to the complexities of human mind, and the diverse behavioral patterns that a person exhibits when exposed to varied set of situations. Although I always felt that I was not cut out for legal profession, yet, when I look back, I understand the divine purpose. As they say, “There are no accidents. Everything is planned.” Perhaps it was supposed to be a learning ground for me and I did learn…. the hard way. Despite being a lawyer, I found myself involved in marriage counseling most of the times which, I realize now, was not without a divine purpose. Whatever I learned about relationships during my tenure as a lawyer / counselor, I could never have known elsewhere. An intensive study on the subject of human relationships motivated me to write about the problems encountered, when two people in a relationship start living under the same roof. It certainly did give me a perspective about many important aspects of life, in general.

I have always believed that my passion for writing devolved on me as a natural inheritance from my father (author of six books primarily focusing on the political scenario of Kashmir & Ladakh and Pakistan). Needless to say that I’ve had journalists in my family for over three generations.

Honors / Affiliations

Judging Panelist – 2017 American Business Awards

Official Member – Forbes Coaches Council

Advisory Board Member (Spiritual Counseling) – American Institute of Health Care Professionals

Past President – National Association of Professional Women (NAPW- Forest Hills Chapter)

Registered Attorney – Bar Council of India

Sponsor Member – SOS Children Villages (SOS)

Sponsor Member – St. Jude’s Cancer Research

Volunteer Member – New York Cares

Registered Energy Healer – International Natural Healers Association (INHA)

Member – International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA)

Member – Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG)