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Why do we feel stuck, directionless and disillusioned? How to close one chapter in life and move on to the next? What skills or talents do we have? Why is it hard to forget the past, ignore the future and embrace only the present? Why do we have to suffer on account of mental / emotional trauma, professional failure, financial lack, incompatibility, failed relationships, or broken homes? How can we heal our deep rooted emotional scars? How does the inner chaos affect one’s ability to deal with life on a daily basis? How do we achieve inner balance and mental stability? How do we form healthy relationships with our loved ones? What is the best way to raise children?
Undoubtedly, a strong and supportive home & work environment paves way for achieving success in the world. Success in the outer world, however, is not possible without gaining mastery over the inner world – the hidden, mystical and unexplored world that we are born with.

I’d love to help you gain clarity of your situation and answer your questions relating to –


  • Leadership & Communication skills
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Career change / Transition / Life choices in general
  • Relationships (personal / professional), Parenting, Domestic abuse.
  • Loss / Separation, Grief, Trauma, Addiction.
  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Sleep disorder.
  • Enlightenment, Liberation, Meditation, Spiritual Healing.
  • Life & Death Cycle, Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), Dreams, Visions.

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