Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 3

by admin on 28 October 2015

7 Chakras – Gateways to Beyond The 5-part series on Inner Awakening is a complete guide to spiritual advancement. Vol. 3 helps you cross the first significant milestone in your journey to enlightenment. It explains in detail, all that you have ever wanted to know about 7 Chakras. It speaks about the techniques to raise […]

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Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 2

by admin on 2 July 2015

Past Lives, Reincarnations & Alternate Realities When the soul (re)incarnates, the mind is stripped off its memories from the past lives. It’s truly an ingenious way to hold a human mind in captivity of the present moment. Perhaps, it’s a clever ploy of the universe to recycle souls and not having to worry about maintaining […]

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Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 1

by admin on 2 June 2015

Seeking the Unknown “Inner Awakening is an arduous journey that a soul willingly embarks on, in order to evolve and ascend to higher dimensions. The journey starts with a burning desire for seeking the unknown, and culminates into piercing the veil of illusion that shrouds the entire existence, transcending human limitations, and finally, connecting with […]

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I Am Pregnant With My Mother

by admin on 15 February 2015

While everyone is writing about career goals and climbing the corporate ladder, I must be ‘out of my mind’ to write about such absurd stuff. What can I say! These corporate games don’t tempt me anymore. Why should I play with kid stuff when there is something more powerful, surreal, attractive and addictive to hold […]

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Recipe for A Well Lived Life

by admin on 24 December 2014

What makes life livable and worth our time on this planet? This simple question has plagued every human being, who has ever walked the face of this earth, since times immemorial. From the sages and soothsayers  of the ancient times to the proponents of new age spirituality, countless explanations have been doled out, time and […]

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Having Trouble Falling Asleep ?

by admin on 17 July 2014

Although an invaluable tool for survival, Mind has always been a major source of anxiety to human kind. It’s a sort of prankster, playing tricks on you all the time. It creates illusions and unreal projections that act as triggers for derailing an individual from his life path. The best way to prevent your mind […]

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What it Really Takes to Be A Leader

by admin on 1 July 2014

You must have read tons of articles on enhancing Leadership Skills, by now. Those attention-grabbing titles like ‘how to be good leader’, how to improve communication skills, how to be a peoples person, how to sharpen public speaking skills etc, must have compelled you to skim through the content, every now and then. Assuming you […]

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Cosmic Patterns – Paradigm Shift

by Anjali on 4 April 2014

Cosmic Patterns If you look closely you will notice that everything in this Universe, from micro to macrocosm, follows a set pattern. Since we are a part of this infinite and seemingly endless cosmic structure, our lives are also governed by the same patterns. These patterns manifest in all aspects of our existence, be it […]

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Buddhism and Nirvana

by Anjali on 15 March 2014

“The One who gives you the most pain is none other than your Buddha… as he is the one who helps you evolve”. Happiness in Austerity – Buddha I was introduced to the teachings of Buddha for the first time when I was in middle school. Those days the ‘eight fold path’ to salvation (Buddhism) […]

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Even the Angels Forget Who They Are

by Anjali on 16 February 2014

Who am I? Where am I? Sounds weird but not far from truth! The angels, too, can sometimes forget their purpose of being sent to this earth. They can also feel lost and distraught (the way we feel most of the times) as soon as they step into the earth’s environment and breathe in the […]

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