Breathing Control

Breathing is the most vital process of the body as it affects the activities of each and every cell in our body, most breathimportantly the brain cells. It is generally seen that most people breathe incorrectly, using only a small portion of their lung capacity. The breathing is not deep enough to pump in enough oxygen to the body cells as a result of which people, often, feel tired and drained of energy. Irregular breathing disrupts the rhythms of brain and leads to mental block which results in disordered lifestyle, imbalanced personality, disease and negative thought process. Although breathing is an involuntary process yet, it is possible to take a conscious control of it by following simple steps of ‘Pranayama’ (Prana means ‘vital energy’ of ‘life force’ and Yama means ‘Control’).


It is the life force which exists in all beings, animate and inanimate. Although, it is widely interpreted as ‘air we breathe’, it is more subtle than air or the oxygen we inhale. This means that ‘Pranayama’ should not be merely considered as a breathing process; it is a process by which the ‘life force’ is channeled through the energy centers in our body with the help of proper breathing techniques. Pranayama helps in maintaining physical and mental health by removing blockages in the energy centers, enabling an increased absorption of ‘Prana’ or ‘life force’. A spiritual seeker requires tranquility of mind before starting with meditation and other spiritual practices. The process of breath retention (exercised during Pranayama) establishes a control over the flow of ‘vital energy’ in and out of the body, thereby controlling the thought process and calming down the mind.

Benefits of Pranayama

Pranayama or Yogic breathing helps in purifying the blood, oxygenating the body cells and expelling the toxic gases out of the body system. The brain centers get stimulated and stress levels get drastically reduced. Additionally, the overall vitality increases and the energy centers get activated by the unobstructed flow of ‘vital energy’ or the ‘life force’ through the air channels. It clears blockages in the psychic network and maintains the constant and uninterrupted flow of energy through the energy centers.

The whole process of Pranayama focuses on ‘purification of channels’ and it does not take a long time to see the desired results. Pranayama prepares the body for advanced spiritual practices as they involve breath retention for extended time periods. The full benefits can only be seen by perfecting one level before going on to the next. It is not advisable to jump to the advanced techniques without attaining mastery over the basic levels first.

The techniques of Pranayama (basic & advanced) are demonstrated in live workshops. Please check the Event page for the upcoming workshops. You can also e-mail me to schedule a session for learning Breath Work, Yoga and Meditation (Simple, Chakra, Kundalini & Transcendental meditation)

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