Color Therapy

colorEvery Chakra is related to a specific color. In fact all Chakras, put together, have all colors of the rainbow, which again goes to show that we are an integral part of the cosmos and should never try to alienate ourselves from Nature because if we do so, we subject our body, mind and soul to untold agony and endless pain. Once you know the colors associated with the Chakras, you instantly know which color you have to use for healing the affected Chakra. While using color therapy, place your hand on the person’s body part (that needs healing) and visualize the related color seeping into the body of the patient. In some cases the practitioners recommend to their clients to use the specified colors in the clothes they wear on daily basis so as to magnify the results of therapy. Each color used in color therapy has a particular significance depending on the body part intended to be healed. There are crystals that resonate with particular colors and can also be used for intensifying the effect of healing. The colors used in color therapy are those which resonate with each particular Chakra and the same are detailed as under:

Red Color- Root Chakra

Red color stands for vitality, raw energy, strength, passion, zest, courage health, vigor, sexual vitality and most importantly, power. It should be specifically used in case of a person suffering from depression, inertia, melancholy, lack of interest, lack of motivation and unexplained fears. This color is strengthening Root Chakra which connects to adrenal glands (kidney points). It makes the person fully grounded and gives him confidence and high self-esteem.

Orange Color – Sacral Chakra

Orange Color stands for warmth, tolerance, sociability, optimism, expansiveness, emotional balance, confidence, self-motivation, enthusiasm and flamboyance. It’s quite clear that this color is needed by a person who feels somewhat deficient in any of the above stated areas.

Yellow Color – Solar Plexus

Yellow strengthens communication and sharpens the intellect. It is conducive for organization, evaluation, analysis, academic excellence, administrative capabilities, sincerity, attention to detail and harmony with people around. It is good for concentration and clarity of thought and also enhances power of expression.

Green / Pink Color – Heart Chakra

Green Color is associated with growth, peace, hope, balance, harmony and healing. Green is the color of abundance and replenishment.

Blue Color – Throat Chakra

Blue heightens creativity, inspiration, spiritual understanding, faith and devotion. It is associated with contentment, patience, tolerance and gentleness. You can have this color anywhere you want peace and tranquility e.g. in a meditation room.

Purple / Indigo – Third eye

Purple is associated with psychic awareness and intuition. Its effects, no doubt, are soothing and calming but it is considered to be a very powerful and strong color. People normally dilute this color with a dash of white while painting the walls of the meditation room or the room where healing is supposed to be done.

White Color – Crown Chakra

White combines all the colors of the spectrum and signifies spiritual realization. It stands for divine humility, purification and creative imagination. It enhances meditative power, spiritual attunement and divine love.

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