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For all energy healing sessions and attunements please e-mail me for scheduling a prior appointment. All payments can be done online through secured server using Paypal.
What is Reiki and how does it help – Please click HERE.

3- day Inner Awakening Program (IAP)

Tutorial precedes workshop, Self discovery โ€“ turning inward for bringing to surface, latent talents & skills, Meditation (Simple, Chakra, Kundalini & Transcendental Meditation), Yogic breathing, Chakra activation & balancing, Kundalini (Primal Life Force) awakening, Aura cleansing, Self Healing techniques, Violet Flame Healing

Full Energy Healing Session – 2 hours

Includes consultation, 90 minute session of energy healing,Chakra balancing and
grounding afterward. Includes Violet Flame healing also.
Modality used–Crystals

Short Energy Healing Session โ€“ I hour

Includes brief consultation, (approx) 45 min. session of energy healing and
grounding afterward.
Modality used—crystals

Distant Healing – 1 hour

Includes half hour telephone consultation, energy healing and follow-up. The day and
time are set up in advance so that the recipient is relaxed in a sitting or laying down
position at the time the healing energies are sent. Works well for both physical
and mental discomfort.

Distant Healing – 2 hours

Includes one hour telephone consultation and follow-up as in the one hour session
with the healing energy sent for a longer time. More apt for chronic ailments. The day
and time are set up in advance so that the recipient is relaxed in a sitting or laying
down position at the time the healing energies are sent.

Usui Reiki Attunement


includes basic techniques and positions for hands-on treatment for yourself
and others. You will also learn Reiki meditation methods. After this level you will be
able to practice Reiki and give healing treatment to yourself and others.


includes advanced techniques that can enable you to heal from a
distance. You will receive first three sacred symbols that will help
you in healing many problems on mental and emotional level. It is
often said that the level of energy achieved during this stage is
almost four times the energy achieved at level I.


is the heightened stage in the process of Reiki attunement and enables
you to teach and attune others for healing those who need to be healed.
The master symbol is taught at this level. The energy triggered off after
completing this level is almost ten times the one resulting from Level I

** It is advisable to have a gap of at least two weeks between two levels of attunement.
The time lapse helps cleansing the body and aids it to get attuned to the strong Reiki energy levels.

Violet Flame Attunement

This attunement includes powerful alchemical energy of Violet Flame of
St. Germain or seventh ray of universal light. It has the immense potential
to transform negative into positive and helps speed up the process of self
realization. This form of energy can be used in cleansing aura and room
spaces. Practicing Violet Flame meditation on regular basis helps the
physical body to resonate with the divine light which lies dormant in each
one of us. It, especially, works on spiritual level and helps mitigating pain
and emotional scars.

* All sale proceeds are donated to a charity (SOS Children villages)

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