Inspiration – Aug 3, 2015

Inspiration – Aug 3, 2015

Most people know the benefits of living a life to the fullest. They have the desire, inclination and the resources but, sadly enough, not the kind of ‘energy’ to make things happen. Even when they have the energy, they don’t feel adequately motivated to do what needs to be done, to reach their fullest potential in one lifetime. Motivation is like a gas pedal, which when pushed, sets the vehicle in motion. The question is – where does the fuel come from? Undoubtedly from ‘life purpose’. Having a purpose in life acts like a fuel injector and makes it easier for you to drive through harsh terrains. If you’re lucky enough you might, on the way, happen to see some of the most scenic locations that you might have never known to exist, if you hadn’t opted to sit behind the wheel. The first step, therefore, is to have a purpose in life and take action to fulfill it. If life doesn’t give you a purpose by default, try to find one. There are so many out there who need your help. Turning someone’s life around could make your own life meaningful and worth living. Your purpose will become your driving force.

Excerpt from Inner Awakening Vol. 1.

Have a wonderful and purposeful day!

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