Inspiration July 13, 2015

Inspiration July 13, 2015

Live intensely and Love Intensely

You must have the ability to love someone so intensely that the love itself becomes bigger than ‘You’. It should be so strong an emotion that it dissolves your identity and your ego completely. Consider yourself fortunate if you experience love of that big a magnitude in one lifetime. Experiencing love in a pure and selfless form makes your energy unbridled and unobstructed and that becomes an important milestone in your personal growth. It has the potential to propel you to higher realms without much effort. On the same note, living life with full intensity activates the dormant life force in you and helps you blossom in ways that you would have possibly never imagined. The key to a happy and well lived life is to live every day as if it were your last day on this planet. Ask yourself what would you do today if there is no tomorrow in your life. When you find the answer, don’t wait. Get going. Clock is ticking.

Excerpt from Inner Awakening Vol. 1

Have a wonderful day!

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