Having Trouble Falling Asleep ?

by admin on 17 July 2014

Although an invaluable tool for survival, Mind has always been a major source of anxiety to human kind. It’s a sort of prankster, playing tricks on you all the time. It creates illusions and unreal projections that act as triggers for derailing an individual from his life path. The best way to prevent your mind […]

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What it Really Takes to Be A Leader

by admin on 1 July 2014

You must have read tons of articles on enhancing Leadership Skills, by now. Those attention-grabbing titles like ‘how to be good leader’, how to improve communication skills, how to be a peoples person, how to sharpen public speaking skills etc, must have compelled you to skim through the content, every now and then. Assuming you […]

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Staying young forever – blessing or curse? (Part 2)

by Anjali on 17 December 2012

Contd from last week…. Increasing life span I keep watching TV shows and research based programs on Discovery channel, highlighting the achievements made by the scientists in arresting the ageing process and increasing the human life span. It seems that the research started in early 90’s and in the process of achieving the ultimate, they […]

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Staying young forever – blessing or a curse? (Part 1)

by Anjali on 4 December 2012

If you stop ageing then… I sometimes wonder what my response would be if an angel came down from heaven and blessed me with a never ageing body and an immortal soul. I am not able to figure out if that would make me feel on top of the world or like hitting the bottom. […]

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Money can’t buy happiness. Really?

by Anjali on 7 July 2012

How important is money? I must have heard this expression a thousand times since my school days. It’s one of those worldly facts which we keep assimilating, passively, without even questioning their validity and relevance in the present times. I guess such thoughts must have erupted in the minds of a few learned people living […]

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