Staying young forever – blessing or a curse? (Part 1)

Staying young forever – blessing or a curse? (Part 1)

If you stop ageing then…

I sometimes wonder what my response would be if an angel came down from heaven and blessed me with a never ageing body and an immortal soul. I am not able to figure out if that would make me feel on top of the world or like hitting the bottom. Possibly, it’s a double edged weapon. Who wouldn’t like to capture the fragrance of youth in a blossoming body and keep it that way for an infinite period of time! Who would want to live in an ageing and decaying body with osteoporotic bones, cramping muscles and shriveling skin? No one, I’m sure.  Again, looking at the flip side, if everyone stopped ageing then what kind of a world would we expect to live in? Imagine that everyone around you (including you) is young and healthy (as a horse) and is going to stay like that forever. Also, imagine the seasonal cycle in Nature getting disrupted as a result of which you witness only spring and summer; trees don’t shed leaves and remain green for ever which means you don’t see autumn or icy winter ever again. The face of death gets wiped off from this planet. How does it make you feel?

Law of Nature

The picture I painted, suddenly makes one realize that when God devised the mechanism of birth and death or for that matter, growth and decay, his decision had ample sanity attached to it. We curse ourselves when our youthful and energetic body turns into a bag full of degenerating cells, not realizing that this is how it is supposed to be. Old needs to be replaced with new. That’s the law of Nature and that’s what precisely makes this life livable, lovable and beautiful. Change is the essence of our existence on this planet and if it stops, by way of any artificial interference, the life itself would get scarier than the doomsday itself. After all, how long would you like to enjoy your youth and beauty? Don’t you think that after a while you would get bored with everything around you for the reason of being monotonous? We humans are programmed to change; even the minutest cell in our body undergoes a change with every breath we take, without our being consciously aware of it. Disrupting this cycle would tantamount to messing with the laws of Nature which would result in creating imbalance in and outside our physical realms. Needless to say the impact it would have on our mental framework.

To be contd …

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