Staying young forever – blessing or curse? (Part 2)

Staying young forever – blessing or curse? (Part 2)

Contd from last week….

Increasing life span

I keep watching TV shows and research based programs on Discovery channel, highlighting the achievements made by the scientists in arresting the ageing process and increasing the human life span. It seems that the research started in early 90’s and in the process of achieving the ultimate, they formulated an anti-ageing pill named ‘Resveratrol’ which, of course, can be seen as a headway. They say that the pill is a perfect substitute for 600-700 bottles of wine which you would have to drink on daily basis to stay young. I’m not sure what these scientists are really aiming for. It cannot be denied that what they achieve at the end of the road is definitely going to change the face of this earth but I’m not certain if they ever thought of the repercussions before putting their heart and soul in a project which is bound to have serious consequences. It reminds me of the scientist who invented the first atom bomb and later killed himself as he had not foreseen the destruction, his invention would cause.

Young body but old soul

I am reminded of an interview of a 55 year old actress (ravishingly beautiful and brimming with energy) who was once asked by a young TV journalist….”How does it feel to look like a 25 year old even at your age?” The actress smiled and replied, “Well, I don’t feel like the way I did when I was in 20’s, 30’s or even in 40’s. I still feel like a 55 year old woman.” That, perhaps, conveys volumes. You might be able to, somehow, stop the ageing clock of your body but you cannot stop your inner self from growing, maturing and ageing. It would be like an old soul living in a young body. Doesn’t feel right! What are you going to do by preserving your youthful body when you cannot, at the same time, prevent your mind, thoughts and soul from maturing? A thought for the day!

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