Touched by a Magic Wand

Touched by a Magic Wand

Often, when I dream at night,

The latent fantasies soar to a new height;

My spirit leaves my body and travels light,

I slip into perfect peace and everything feels so right.


Standing in a meadow and watching the Sun down,

In my dream my cascading hair shone golden brown;

With fiery orange rays filtering through each strand,

I felt like being touched by a Magic Wand.


I heard a voice melting in my ears,

Seeping deep into me and draining away all my fears;

Those magical words … ‘till death do us part’

Instantly lit up the dark alleys of my saddened heart.


My life had been worse than a shipwreck,

But the way he wrapped me in a blanket of love,

Gently running his fingers through my hair and kissing my neck,

I felt free from shackles and fluttered my wings like a love smitten dove.


I stood still as if under a spell,

For a few moments or aeons, I couldn’t tell;

With blood gushing through my veins;

It seemed hard to pull the reins.


I felt his heart beating against my chest,

Filling my whole body with a new zest;

With my mind completely at rest,

It sure felt like the end of my quest.


Then came the moment I always dreaded,

“It’s time to go.” He gently whispered;

With tears blurring my vision,

I saw him moving towards the horizon.


I ran after him in a state of numbness,

Tripping over a stone, I fell off the precipice;

The next moment I woke up on the floor,

With a hurt elbow and memories, that I would always adore.

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