What is my Passion ? (Part 1)

What is my Passion ? (Part 1)

My Passion? Hmm…

What is your passion?” Someone asked me a week ago. I couldn’t believe myself fumbling for words. I didn’t know the answer to the most basic and simplest of all questions. It was like one of those moments where you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and notice your freckles the first time. “Damn!” That four letter word pops up in your head. I felt the same way. I realized that perhaps I had been using quite a bit of my brain all my life and in the process of sharpening my intellect, I had turned a complete deaf ear to that feeble and whimpering voice of my heart. Well, let’s say that I had been pretty much successful in keeping a check on my surging emotions and trampling them whenever needed. I almost believed that the concept of ‘follow your heart’ was made for losers. “Shame on you!” Ok that’s what I can hear some of you mumbling right now. It’s alright….I can take it. I admit I was wrong but don’t blame me…that’s the way I was raised.

Leading unhappy lives

I’m not sure how many of us do get an opportunity to do what we really love to. Most of us get trapped in the vicious circle of paying our bills, putting food on the table and saving for the future. It’s sad to see how lives get wasted in the process of keeping up with the needs and standards of this materialistic world. There are millions of people out there somewhere, struggling to make both ends meet, to carve a better future for their kids or coping with the exorbitant medical bills of their ailing family members. How dissatisfied, disgruntled and disillusioned lives most of us live! The worst part is that we don’t even realize the abuse we inflict on our body and mind, until one day, we end up, in the painful silence of some intensive care unit. Laying there hooked up to those horrendous respirators, we get ample time reflecting on the years we might have spent killing our desires either to keep our jobs or making sacrifices for our loved ones. Some of us might even quietly shed tears for not having done things which were supposed to be done or for those things which could’ve been done differently for creating a better life.

To be contd….

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