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The term ‘healing touch’ is quite commonly used these days by almost everyone but not many people know that it is within the power of every individual to become a ‘healer’. It doesn’t require any supernatural power or divine intervention to be able to exercise the power of that ‘healing touch’ which all of us are born with. All it needs is to have fully activated and balanced Chakras and a heart filled with love and compassion; a healthy heart Chakra helps us to connect with people with greater ease.

There are seven major Chakras in the body and two minor Chakras (in hands and feet) which help regulating the flow of energy in and out of the body. Every organ in the body is associated with a Chakra which means that if any Chakra is blocked or releases inadequate energy, the organ associated with it gets affected adversely. We see so many people, nowadays, suffering from depression, heart aches, hurt, sleeplessness, amnesia, lack of concentration, chronic physical ailments like arthritis etc and the worst part is that even medical science does not seem to have a complete cure for such diseases. Our physical body is the outer manifestation of our inner feelings. It’s a strange phenomenon to see our body reacting to the external stimulus, triggered off by our unpleasant situations, daily stresses or the people we interact and live with. Needless to say, the positive experiences do not disrupt the chemical balance in the body whereas the negative ones lay an adverse impact on our body system, pushing it to the verge of organic malfunction.

Doctors do prescribe medication which, more often than not, provides temporary relief only. It does help in reiki 3preventing further organic deterioration but it does not heal a patient completely; at best it can just minimize the intensity of the patient’s discomfort to a certain extent. This is, perhaps, why alternate or natural therapy has been preferred over the conventional mode of treatment, from times immemorial. The alternate therapy not only brings comfort to the patient but has proven to eradicate the symptoms of ‘dis-ease’ completely.

Natural healing’ has shown some amazing results over the years, helping people to get rid of those chronic ailments for which the conventional mode of treatment has no cure. It’s an undeniable fact that we are a part of the cosmos as a whole, and as such our body is meant to be in tune with the elements of this cosmos, meaning thereby, that any ‘deviation’ from the pre-designed elemental structure causes our body to malfunction, as a result of which we suffer pain; larger the degree of ‘deviation’, greater is the amount of pain we suffer. Diseases are a direct consequence of disharmony of energy levels in our body system. One of the most effective ways of healing any specific body dis-ease is through ‘Reiki’.

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