Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 2

Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 2

Past Lives, Reincarnations & Alternate Realities

IAV2_3DWhen the soul (re)incarnates, the mind is stripped off its memories from the past lives. It’s truly an ingenious way to hold a human mind in captivity of the present moment. Perhaps, it’s a clever ploy of the universe to recycle souls and not having to worry about maintaining the sanctity of the past life relationships. Imagine how chaotic our lives would become, if we retained all the memories from our past lives. We would be roaming around like disoriented and confused souls if we hadn’t been given a chance to start over with a ‘clean slate’. 
Is it really a clean slate with no burden of past actions carried forward, and no shadows of misdeeds chasing us from the past? 
The brain retains images, not only from our present lives, but also from our past lives, the snapshots of which, at times, are revealed to us in our dreams. Often times, we discard such dreams as meaningless, for the reason that the people and locations we see in our dreams, bear no relevance to our existing lives. Are these dreams irrelevant ? Are they meant to be discarded? Is there a possibility that these dreams are cosmic messages, relayed to us in our sleep? 
This book unravels some interesting facts about reincarnation, dreams, alternate realities and ….the truth about Soulmates.

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