Overpowering Demons (Part 2)

by Anjali on 7 October 2013

Contd from last week…. Our Inner Demons Just like the real demons (evil in flesh & blood) our inner demons surface from time to time. They dig their poisonous fangs in to our soul and leave our spirit (literally) wounded. When they get hungry they just need something to feed on, something to devour and […]

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Overpowering Demons (Part 1)

by Anjali on 20 September 2013

 Walking among Demons We might not be aware of their presence but the fact is that we walk among demons everyday without recognizing them. They just appear like normal people but are primarily responsible for turning our lives into chaos. What they love to do is to test our patience, throw challenges at us, hurt […]

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Foster Homes – (Part 2)

by Anjali on 18 March 2013

Contd from last week… Foster Parents’ perspective Over the years the need of fosters homes has considerably increased. I guess the demand of such homes is directly proportional to the increase in crimes and the prisons getting flooded with criminals (small and big time). Why? Simply, because someone needs to take care of the children […]

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Foster Homes—Option or Compulsion? (Part 1)

by Anjali on 7 March 2013

Abuse of Law? Well, it happens everywhere whether we talk about developed, developing or third world countries. Legislators enact laws with some designated purpose which, unfortunately, gets defeated over a period of time. Very few victims finally get to reap the benefits of such legislations and most of the time it is the manipulative segment […]

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Black Magic

by Anjali on 15 July 2010

Contd from last week… Dark Art (Black Magic) The Eastern philosophy strongly advocates the importance of ‘Karma’ in the journey through life and life after life. It is believed that a sinner is sure to face retribution when he comes under the influence of certain malefic / harmful combination of planets which affect him adversely […]

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Positive and Negative Forces at War

by Anjali on 4 July 2010

Positive vs. Negatives forces Having read hundreds of articles endorsing the ‘power of good over evil’ and the supremacy of God almighty, I often wondered if ‘positive forces’ were actually more powerful than ‘negative’ ones. This, in fact, gives birth to the most controversial subject of the ancient and the present times—Is God more powerful than […]

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