Black Magic

Black Magic

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Dark Art (Black Magic)

The Eastern philosophy strongly advocates the importance of ‘Karma’ in the journey through life and life after life. It is believed that a sinner is sure to face retribution when he comes under the influence of certain malefic / harmful combination of planets which affect him adversely at a given point of time and this can happen in his next life also. Clarifying further, it is not necessary that a wrong doer is punished in the same life in which he commits sins; he might enjoy all the abundance (love, prosperity & happiness) in life despite causing pain and misery to innocent people only for the reason that the planets (affecting him at the time of his birth) favor him all through his life. Probably the ‘accumulated karma’ theory works here.

“If this is the case then how would the victim know that the person, who ruined his life, was actually punished by God? It makes no sense committing sins in one life and getting the punishment in the next one.” I asked this question to a learned person some years ago in relation to a person who had suffered untold misery due to black magic allegedly performed on him for bringing bad luck and misfortune to him. The victim had suffered a major chunk of his life facing the onslaughts which he did not deserve. (I’m not going into the details of black magic here). It was astonishing to see the extent to which the negative forces had the power to destroy an innocent life. Even more surprising was the fact that the victim had been an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva since his early childhood. The question which instantly came to my mind was—“Where was his deity at the time when the Evil forces struck him? What stopped God to save him from the Evil? The man had been suffering for decades and no one was able to completely negate the effect of spells cast on him. Why did the poor man have to suffer endlessly for the wrong doings of some wicked family member who had cast spells on the victim, out of jealousy and envy? I couldn’t understand why could God not free the victim of his pain and mitigate the evil influence in his life, especially, when he had spent his whole life worshipping his deity with all his heart, mind and soul? Ironic as it sounds, the wrong doer, as against the God-fearing victim, had been enjoying all the luxuries which one can conceive of.

God has His own Rules

The reply which I got from the learned man was that “God does not see things the way we do. For him it is more like a continuous journey of a soul irrespective of the number of times the soul takes birth in the human form. It does not matter to God if a soul faces the brunt of the sins in the present life or in the next one. As regards the sufferer—who knows –this could be God’s way to make him learn his lessons! ” As convincing as it sounded, the explanation seemed to have some loose ends. Perhaps it’s easier to absolve the Almighty of all responsibilities and obligations rather than finding answers and holding Him liable for so many things (which we don’t approve of) happening around us. We all have a tendency to fear the ‘unknown’ and ‘unseen’ which is probably why we leave it at that. We prefer to suffer till eternity and keep praying to God for mitigating our pain but He does what he has to do, irrespective of our tears, anguish and agony and more interestingly, when, once in a while he answers our prayers, we bow before Him and ask for forgiveness for not having complete faith in Him. Delving deep into the mystery of human existence, I sometimes feel that we are nothing but puppets and our strings are pulled intermittently by two equally powerful forces of the cosmos. We struggle our way from the ‘womb to the tomb’ under the constant influence of positive and negative forces which work actively on us and influence each and every action (and thought) of ours, without our being aware of it. Is it possible that because we deny the existence of the Evil, he pulls us more towards him and away from the kingdom of God? Who knows –it might be a ‘game of power’ going on at the ‘Higher level’ also! Seems that the rules of Cosmos are same everywhere, whether on earth or elsewhere.


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