Overpowering Demons (Part 2)

Overpowering Demons (Part 2)

Contd from last week….

Our Inner Demons

Just like the real demons (evil in flesh & blood) our inner demons surface from time to time. They dig their poisonous fangs in to our soul and leave our spirit (literally) wounded. When they get hungry they just need something to feed on, something to devour and satiate their hunger. The only way to prevent them from feeding on our soul is to fight them or distract them. (Imagine a man holding a gun in your face and you duck right in time and dodge the bullet. The bullet is, no doubt, fired but it surely misses its target which is all you want.)

If you intend fighting them then you should work on strengthening your soul first, because that is the only way you can fight a demon. Alternatively, if you sense a demon rising (in or around you) and you know that you are not strong enough to fight it then it’s much saner to manipulate or distract it.  Give it something to feed on other than your soul….your virtues.  When a demon surfaces, its only objective is to push you on a wrong path by creating illusions in your mind. It tempts you…entices you and promises you to give you all that you ever wished for. All good things come with a price tag! The demon misses out on a small detail while offering you a Utopian world. It does not tell you the price you have to pay in return of what he offers on the platter. Devil has only one goal to fulfill; it needs more and more souls to feed on so that it keeps it strength going. If it does not tempt the gullible and innocent souls, how would anyone fall in to the devil’s trap. It’s perhaps why we say, so often, that if something seems too good to be true …it most likely is.

Do Not Feed the Demons

How about giving it nothing to feed on…no desires, repressed emotions, anger, vengeance or regrets? It feeds on your negative emotions (including greed, gluttony, lust, envy and anger) and throws them back at you with double the intensity. The resulting misery of your imprisoned soul empowers the devil further. That’s why we say it’s so liberating to ‘let go’. If you can’t let go in body, you can’t let go in spirit. The only opportunity you get to detach yourself from all worldly elements is while you are in your body, not when you enter the spirit world. That should explain why hundreds of saints for centuries, all over the world, have emphasized on good deeds, detachment from worldly pleasures, indulging in spiritual practices, oneness with Higher Power and so on and so forth. All of their teachings focus on strengthening the soul. (Only weak spirits fall prey to demons; stronger ones recognize them and turn away from them). It seems that all of those spiritually evolved saints wanted the living souls to understand that they have been given a chance to see who they actually are, recognize their true essence and make themselves worthy of God’s kingdom while they are alive.

The body that we are born with is a vehicle that should be used to transport our soul to our real ‘Home’ (the Eternal Light) because that is where all souls belong. The day we shed off our cloak, we should have already attained freedom from attachment to everything and everyone. That is the only way ….out of the Matrix.


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