Overpowering Demons (Part 1)

Overpowering Demons (Part 1)

 Walking among Demons

We might not be aware of their presence but the fact is that we walk among demons everyday without recognizing them. They just appear like normal people but are primarily responsible for turning our lives into chaos. What they love to do is to test our patience, throw challenges at us, hurt us like hell, turn our loved ones against us and often demean and ridicule us making us feel worthless and unwanted. They make our lives miserable in order to spin a deadly web around us and the worst thing is that we get so much caught in this web that we forget the real purpose of our lives. We involve ourselves in finding solutions to our (illusory) worldly problems to the extent that we constantly keep on corrupting our souls and severing ties with our creator, while attempting to fulfill our unending & unleashed desires. Finally, a day comes when we suddenly realize how far we have traveled from the ‘ultimate source’. Unfortunately, most people realize the havoc they played with the ‘gift of life’ only in the last phase of their lives. That time it’s too late to make amends.

The Truth about Demons

When I was younger, I used to hate the thought of demons and wonder why God didn’t do anything to stop them, or better still, wipe off their entire race (whatever it was) from the face of this planet. However, as I grew older, I learnt that ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are both a part of ‘grand design’ and both are necessary for maintaining balance in the universe. If ‘good’ helps saving souls, ‘evil’ puts the souls through grueling tests and devours only the unworthy ones which means it helps sifting wheat from the chaff.  If evil bruises your spirit and tests your mettle, God heals your wounds and helps you recoup from the shocks you suffer. One acts like blistering heat and the other, like flowing cascade of water. Both play a significant role in carving a ‘beautiful you’ provided you understand the bigger picture and keep playing the role assigned to you. The more I try piercing the veil between the two worlds, the clearer it becomes that ‘evil’, in fact, helps the souls evolve. How about calling it a favor being done to the human race! Whatever said and done, the demons act as scavengers by devouring the weaker ones and make space for the stronger and worthy spirits. It might sound crazy but the truth is that it is only the ‘evil’ that helps you learn your lessons by creating every possible obstacle (that you can’t even conceive of) in your life path. The only way to defeat a devil is to stop holding on tightly to all that belongs to this world, be it material desires, relationships or emotions (negative or positive) resulting from those relationships. Sounds difficult but then who said it was going to be easy!

To be contd….

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