Positive and Negative Forces at War

Positive and Negative Forces at War

Positive vs. Negatives forces

Having read hundreds of articles endorsing the ‘power of good over evil’ and the supremacy of God almighty, I often wondered if ‘positive forces’ were actually more powerful than ‘negative’ ones. This, in fact, gives birth to the most controversial subject of the ancient and the present times—Is God more powerful than Evil? If He is, then why does Evil exist at all? Does it mean that God does not have the power to eradicate Evil? If He had such absolute powers, then Evil would not have the nerve to mess around with His creation. At least that is what seems to be a logical inference. It’s sometimes difficult to go against the current, especially, when the concept of spirituality, and the stories about God’s existence have been ingrained in us right from the time of our birth. At times, in order to make our lives less complicated, we try to keep things simple by blindly towing the line of our ancestors / forefathers. The less we question the pre-set ideologies, greater are our chances of staying in everyone’s ‘good books’; try taking one step out of the vicious circle and get ready for all those wagging tongues and contemptuous eyes scoffing at you. Nonetheless, the belief that God is more powerful, brings peace to our inner chaos and ignorance, and kindles a ray of hope in the dark. Perhaps we feel comfortable to accept notions that are congenial to our mental framework. Is that why we are not ready to see the other side (weak) of God?

Does turning to God really help?

For decades I’ve heard people ranting that it’s the ‘Evil’ and not God, who inflicts misery and pain to mankind; God only heals. Some scholars have also propounded the theory that God is so kind that He does not believe in punishing the sinners—He only forgives. Now this is something totally in contradiction to the stories and beliefs I grew up with. I remember that even as a child, the philosophy of ‘sinners-being-punished-by-God’ was instilled so profoundly in me that I never even dared to raise my voice (not to talk of doing bad deeds) just for the fear of hurting anyone’s feelings. If only someone had whispered in my ear that it’s good to be bad sometimes, I wouldn’t have felt like an impotent, helpless and miserable devotee turning to God at every small pretext. I wouldn’t have lived with a stupid belief that I’m God’s responsibility and that he watches over me. I should’ve known that God’s work (in relation to me) was over the day he created me and from then on— it was supposed to be my journey and my ordeals. I now feel that it was completely insane (of me) to expect Him to come to my rescue every time I had someone or the other stabbing a dagger in my heart; I was probably supposed to defend myself (without His help) even if that meant killing the attacker before he tried to kill me. (The concept of ‘self defense’ should work in God’s kingdom as well and if it does not, His laws badly need an amendment). The question arising here is that if God does not punish the wrong doer, then who does? Better still, does he (sinner) even get punished?


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