Macaulay Honors College

35 W 67th Street, New York, NY 10023


An interactive session on stress reduction and skill-building. Concrete tools for lessening anxiety during the job hunt, including the search and interview processes. Role of Yoga / Meditation in leading a successful life.

Kew Gardens Community Center

80-02 Kew Gardens Rd, Kew Gardens, NY 11415


Staff training day (for caregivers) – how to reduce stress through meditation and acupressure, how to activate minor energy centers in the hands, simple techniques to be used while at work for releasing tension in the muscles, how to remain grounded and stable without getting affected by the emotional baggage of the clients, intro regarding

Brooklyn Technical High School

29 Ft. Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Anjal Chugh

Presentation – Qualities of a true leader, cultivating leadership and communication skills, how to live life with a purpose, how to stay consistently motivated, how to stay unwavered and unruffled in the face of grave challenges, essential ingredients of a successful life, gaining clarity of vision to make the right choices, how raising energy helps in human evolution and spiritual transformation (intro).

St. Joseph High School

80 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Presentation – Success lies in the pursuit of excellence. Is goal setting really important? What should be the focus on – gaining expertise or succeeding, and why? How to tap into the ‘inner power’ and use it to succeed in life. Top 5 personality traits that lead to failure. Importance of making well informed decisions. How to be persistent, consistent and resilient while following a career path.

Queens Economic Development Corp (QEDC)

120-55 Queens Blvd. Kew Gardens, NY 11424


Presentation – Discovering hidden talents, bringing to surface your creativity, enhancing clarity of vision and last but not the least, finding your inner voice. It’s all about reclaiming your innate power and getting the mojo back. There’s no reason to feel limited in your power (or belief) to change the course of your life. Now is the time to clear those impediments and take a leap forward to embrace success.

“Thank you for your time and enlightening presentation this morning at the workshop in Queens. I like the point that you made: people can discern whether a person is genuinely interested in their welfare, and it makes a difference in business relationships. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn something new each day, and I’m glad that I made the time to meet with you. Thanks again for your work.” Karen Ann Jackson, QEDC

Queens Community House

Kew Gardens Community Center

80-02, Kew Gardens Rd, Kew Gardens, NY 11415


Conducted a 6-week Meditation & Breathing techniques workshop at Queens Community House, for senior citizens.


“Anjali has been leading the popular meditation class for our members for the last few months. The class has grown in size due to her gentle and loving approach. The feedback that I received from the participants has been extremely positive. They have benefited from her class and are always looking forward to attending her workshops / group sessions. She knows her subject very well and has great teaching skills as well. I would recommend Anjali for any position involving human service. She is professional in demeanor and committed to the cause of  empowering people and helping them align with Higher Energy.” .. Rachel Epstein, Program Director, Queens Community House. 

NAPW (National Association of Professional Women)

Forest Hills Chapter, New York


Through leadership and empowerment programs, I assist professional women to reach their highest potential. Members are offered a platform to improve their business and communication skills. They learn to cultivate inner strength, necessary to move beyond obstacles that hamper success.

“Anjali is outstanding- one of the most positive and capable communicators. She is creative, intelligent, knowledgeable, a present and responsive listener; quick to size up a problem and tireless in working to its successful solution. Anjali is a true leader and I have enjoyed getting to know her, how fabulous of a person she is and how caring she is about everyone she comes in contact with. She enjoys the respect and admiration of our group and earns my highest recommendation. Camelia (Real Estate )

My Time Inc.

1312 E 84th St

Brooklyn NY 11236


Conducted a 6-week Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief workshop at  My Time Inc., a NY based Non-profit, dedicated to the cause of parents with Autistic children. The non-profit offers a comfort zone to the parents who have children with Autism and developmental disabilities. The parents engage in supportive circles, educational training, development of skills in recreational, social and play  to enhance and improve relationship with their children.

“I have been meditating for years and I thought there was nothing that Anjali could teach me but I was totally mesmerized. Her way of imparting knowledge is very simple and different from many others. I can only say that I’ll keep attending her workshops in future as well. The simple techniques she taught me has significantly reduced my anxiety levels. I’m able to sleep better and wake up fresh in the morning. I had been living with sleep deprivation for years but not anymore. Thanks to her.” James (Insurance Industry)