Are You Awake?

Are You Awake?

Are you awake? You don’t know that, until you come out of your dream; the dream looks as real as your waking life till the time you are in it. What is real and what is not? Welcome to the bizarre world of human mind!

Our brain is said to be the seat of intellect, learning, reasoning, thought process (subjective and objective), logic, will power and many other attributes which are mostly manifested on the conscious level; let’s not forget the unexplained mystical power which lies in the deeper layers of the sub-conscious mind and makes its presence felt in the form of intuition, visions, telepathy and paranormal behavior. Studies say that our brain retains images not only from our present lives but from our past lives as well, the snapshots of which sometimes get revealed to us in our dreams. Most of the times, we discard such dreams as meaningless, for the reason that the people and the locations we come across in our dreams, have (somehow) no nexus with our existing lives. A psychiatrist would probably relate it to our stressed and claustrophobic mind and would prescribe some stress buster exercises. How many of us do really know that our mind has the power to transcend the permissible limits of our consciousness and tread into the forbidden zone… our past life (or lives).

I always felt that the worst sarcasm of Nature was to strip off a human mind from the power of seeing the future and at the same time shutting the doors to all memories from the past lives; an ingenious way to hold a human mind in captivity of the present moment. Perhaps, that’s the way it was meant to be. Imagine how much chaos it would have led to, if we had retained all the memories from our past lives; we would have possibly lived as disconnected and confused souls if we had not been blessed with starting over with a ‘clean slate’. However, I am compelled to think sometimes, whether we are really given an opportunity to start with a clean slate, with no burden of past actions on our weary shoulders and no shadows of our misdeeds chasing us from our past. If that had been the case, then there would not have existed a word like ‘retribution’ or precisely, ‘Nature’s retribution’. Why do we say that we carry the burden of sins, committed by us in our past lives, until we compensate for them in our present lives? If that’s the way it is, then we are definitely not born with a clean slate. If our misdeeds are not wiped off from our ‘slate’ then, so are not our memories from the past. Seems logical!

If nothing is lost in this universe, scientifically proven which is, then why do we shy away from the fact, that memories from the past exist and if we don’t discard them as meaningless, they could remind us of some unfinished task or some barbaric act of ours which might have been the cause of misery to others? Who knows getting acquainted with our buried past may open new doors for us which may eventually help us to get reunited with our Higher Self. Isn’t it worth? It might help us to learn from our past mistakes so that we could make our future better. So, friends if you ever had any such inkling in the past or if it’s still continuing, don’t discard it; use the power of your mind through meditation and open new vistas for your yearning and longing soul. Your search might just end. May be it’s time!

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