Even the Angels Forget Who They Are

Even the Angels Forget Who They Are

Who am I? Where am I?

Sounds weird but not far from truth! The angels, too, can sometimes forget their purpose of being sent to this earth. They can also feel lost and distraught (the way we feel most of the times) as soon as they step into the earth’s environment and breathe in the same (polluted) air that we pump into our lungs every moment of our lives. Such incredibly delusional is the power of this Matrix. Now if angels can suffer from partial amnesia and forget their connection with the Almighty, we have no reasons to be harsh on ourselves. Why burn in the fire of guilt for having done all those things that we should not have done? Evolved masters have rightly said that God does not believe in punishing; He only forgives if one shows remorse for not having shown complete faith in Him and for having walked miles and miles away from the ‘eternal light’ into the darkness of drudgery and ignorance.

What is Right or Wrong?

Pardon me, for not being able to produce any evidence in support of my theory and for being audacious enough to say that there is ‘No Wrong or Right’ in God’s eyes. The rules we follow on this earth have no meaning for Him. We were sent to this earth for loving and to be loved; He, perhaps, had no clue, while making the mould of a human being, that, a day would come when His own creation would become the cause of destruction of  ‘life’ that He so fondly and lovingly bestowed on this planet. He wanted us to be like little children playing in His garden, expecting us to remain within the boundaries of that beautiful and colorful garden, for our own safety and everlasting happiness. Least had He anticipated that the human beings, he created, would soon become slaves of temptation and greed.  Little did He know that human beings would cross the boundaries and defy the rules set by the Creator. In a lighter sense I call it a glitch in the software.  After all, our brains are nothing short of sophisticated computers that we keep updating with all the useless information, we lay our hands on.

What goes around comes around

That is the underlying principle of ‘Karmic theory’. We reap the fruits of our own actions. As I’ve been affirming time and again that a soul continues its journey by leaving one body and picking up another for fulfilling its life-purpose and to learn its lessons. It is said that the miseries we face and the tears we shed, help in depleting our reservoir of bad karma. We might not know what bad deeds we’re paying for, but our soul knows. I’ve always been listening to stories of the (existence of) ‘Hell’ theory since my childhood but I doubt if that exists. If there is a Hell…its right here on this planet and we are supposed to burn in the fire of this Hell until we realize how far we have traveled from God’s kingdom, merely out of our arrogance and our clouded judgment. No one can save our souls from passing through this Hell, endlessly, until we become acquainted with the ‘Truth’ and run back to the garden where our ‘Father’ awaits us with open arms. After all that’s what a parent does….He embraces the child and forgives him.

Eternal Light Awaits

After having read hundreds of articles on ‘near death experiences’ written by real people who escaped death at some point of time in their lives, I noticed that there was one common assertion made in most of these cases and that was ‘passing through a dark tunnel leading to a place flooded with brilliant white light.’ All these people made a mention of ‘peace’ and ‘happiness’ reigning in that beautiful place. Perhaps that’s what our long-since-abandoned ‘garden’ looks like. Who wouldn’t want to be in a place filled with immense contentment, happiness, peace and love? There was one thing more that these people mentioned in their individual articles. Each one said, “I didn’t want to leave that place but somehow I felt pulled back into my body. It felt like embracing pain again. I wish the doctors hadn’t saved me.” This, indeed, offers some solace to all of us who have lost their loved ones to death. At least we know that they are in a place much better than ours. It’s enough for us to know that all our departed ones are extremely happy, being in a place close to God, and away from this debilitating and delusional Matrix.

Well, as tempting as it sounds, it doesn’t seem to be so simple to free ourselves from our Karmic debts or so to say, this Matrix. It seems that we have to earn back the trust, we so pathetically lost and that needs a lot of work. I keep working on myself, day in and day out, to make myself worthy of my Heavenly Home once again. Would you join me and walk with me on this path? Together, we will find our way back home.

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