Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 1

Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 1

Seeking the Unknown

Ebook-cover-vol-1-3d_Thumb“Inner Awakening is an arduous journey that a soul willingly embarks on, in order to evolve and ascend to higher dimensions. The journey starts with a burning desire for seeking the unknown, and culminates into piercing the veil of illusion that shrouds the entire existence, transcending human limitations, and finally, connecting with the Divine.” 
This book addresses some of the basic questions that most seekers struggle with, on their journey to self realization. It also offers insight into the areas of life that matter most, such as, ways to reach the highest potential in one lifetime, ways to transcend limitations and gain clarity of vision to make the right choices. 
The Inner Awakening series will change your perspective on life. You will see things the way they actually are, rather than making unfounded assumptions about your existence, and everything else around you, in this realm.

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