Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 3

Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 3

7 Chakras – Gateways to Beyond

vol3_homeThe 5-part series on Inner Awakening is a complete guide to spiritual advancement. Vol. 3 helps you cross the first significant milestone in your journey to enlightenment. It explains in detail, all that you have ever wanted to know about 7 Chakras. It speaks about the techniques to raise your level of awareness from the lowest to the highest dimension. It offers insight into much talked about subjects like ascension, individual consciousness and transcending dimensions.
Since you’re a micro version of the universe, you have all the dimensions (lower and higher) present in your own energy body which lies encased in your physical body. These dimensions come with doorways, conventionally known as Chakras. These doorways are similar to those icons you create on your desktop to access the files in your program folders. Just as the icons are shortcuts to accessing hidden folders, these doorways are the shortcut keys to accessing higher realms. The only effort that you have to make is to consciously open each doorway so that the energy / life force rises from the lowest to the highest dimension through these doorways. As the energy rises, so does your level of awareness.

…Excerpt from Vol. 3.

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