Law of Attraction vs. Planetary influence

Law of Attraction vs. Planetary influence

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I watched the ‘Secret of Success’ DVD over and over again. This one and a half hour video is an amazing piece of technical excellence. I have to say that the script and the visuals are worthy of praise. It’s definitely a treat to watch. They say that the most powerful element governing the events occurring in our daily lives is nothing but our own ‘thought’. They make it look as if everything that happens around us is a result of our thoughts. It seems they have eliminated the pertinence of ‘destiny’ and ‘planetary influence’ from our lives. I have always believed in the influence of planets and the star constellation on humans. It’s an established fact that the earth is only a small part of the enormous solar system and there are many planets which have been proven to have a substantial effect on our planet depending on their size and distance from the earth. If our earth cannot escape the influence, how can we? The video (secret of success) shows how we can attract positivity in our lives merely by channelizing our thoughts and focusing on good things but I won’t hesitate in saying that, more often than not, planets have the power over our mood swings also. The right star constellation triggers unexplained happiness and peace whereas the malefic arrangement of stars in our natal chart can cause depression without cause. So to say that we are the masters of our own thoughts would be somewhat far-fetched.

Law of attraction or Power of Prayers ?

The entire theory is based on staying positive which is good. At least it makes people believe that there is hope. Anything that gives an individual some kind of strength to start each day with renewed hope, vigor and expectation is acceptable as per the human standards. I watched many uploaded videos on the internet where people from different walks of life shared their experiences after incorporating the law of attraction in their daily lives. All those people had one thing in common; they had said that they prayed everyday for getting what they wanted and hoped that results would be in their best interest. Here I was a little confused. So was it the law of attraction or the power of prayers which helped them achieve their objectives? Should the credit be given to their belief in ‘law of attraction’ or the ‘angelic power’ which granted them their wishes? Perhaps it’s both. When we try to evolve spiritually the first thing that we do is to channelize our energies and attune ourselves to the higher power in order to resonate with the energy of our creator. This helps to create a channel / link with the creator and it is believed that after having established the said nexus, it becomes easier to hear the inner voice or the voice of the spirit. Once this is done the negativity in our system is washed off gradually and positive energy fills our body and mind. We find peace with ourselves and as the outer environment merely reflects our inner self, we find it easier to deal with the outer world and once this synchronization is done, nothing seems difficult to achieve. Isn’t this what we already know? So what’s new about ‘law of attraction’? I would just call it a reminder, of the power which is buried inside us and, of the need for using that power for the greater good. Well, I guess we all love to have old wine in a new bottle and that’s why we attract in our lives, a simple concept of spirituality wrapped in an expensive package.

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