Purpose of Life (Part 2)

Purpose of Life (Part 2)

‘Purpose of Life’ Contd from last week…

Why was I born?

We humans understand better with visuals, which is (perhaps) why we are so good at swaying imaginary paint brushes on our mind’s canvas. It might sound crazy but I do venture into such practice quite often. Although, I have countless (such) paintings adorning the walls of my (fictitious) gallery, yet, I find one such painting significantly important and worth sharing with you; it left an indelible impression on my mind and I hope you can relate to it too, in some way or the other.

I picture myself standing at top of a hill with my head held high in arrogance. I have a strong feeling that I rule the world and that no one is more powerful than me. Nothing seems to scare me, not even standing alone (on the edge). I am an epitome of power, greed and wickedness. It feels so good looking at the helpless, poor, miserable and impoverished people squatting at the foothill. Largely responsible for their predicament, I seem to feed on their fear and misfortune. I see them cursing and verbally abusing me for their state of affairs but that doesn’t seem to affect my demonic demeanor in the least. My lips broaden into a crooked smile as I watch my ominously dark shadow, growing bigger and bigger, till it finally overshadows all those powerless creatures, that appear to me like (nothing more than) roaches. I laugh out loud, and then….suddenly, out of nowhere, an eagle appears and hits me hard on the back of my head. Losing my balance, I fall off the cliff.

To be contd…..

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