Purpose of Life (Part 4)

Purpose of Life (Part 4)

Contd from last week…

What is the purpose of life?

So what is the purpose of life, after all?  It, most certainly, is to be useful and helpful and not just being happy and grateful, as advocated by the so-called pioneers of ‘life philosophy’. I totally agree with Brian Weiss when he says that all of us have the potential to become spiritual guides and render help and guidance from the other side, provided we qualify for that post. It isn’t easy, though. It seems we need to sweat out for succeeding, not only in this world, but in the other world as well. The more I contemplate, the more I become convinced that we keep coming back to this earth only for making ourselves worthy of our Heavenly ‘Home’. Imagine being trapped between the two worlds and not being able to cross over only for the reason of having committed some despicable acts, disqualifying us for gaining entry into our real ‘Home’. What option would be left for the soul if the doors of eternal light do not open for it? Obviously …to go back from where it came so as to make things right and be able to walk into the eternal light with grace and pride. Long story short….I learnt that instead of brooding over our failures and miseries, we should be thankful to God for helping in mitigating our bad karma through the pain we suffer, while in human form. The tears of helplessness and anguish which flow from our pain-stricken eyes purify the dark smudges on our soul and cleanse us of all the dirt we gather due to our bad deeds and thoughts. But for the agony which life offers to us, we would’ve never been able to learn our lessons and gain wisdom on the path of spiritual evolution. Does it make sense?

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