Having Trouble Falling Asleep ?

Having Trouble Falling Asleep ?

Although an invaluable tool for survival, Mind has always been a major source of anxiety to human kind. It’s a sort of prankster, playing tricks on you all the time. It creates illusions and unreal projections that act as triggers for derailing an individual from his life path. The best way to prevent your mind from interfering with your inner peace is to create a distance between ‘You’, the spirit self and your ‘mind’, the physical self. It may seem impossible a task to achieve, in the beginning, but as you raise your level of awareness and understand the difference between the 2 major levels of your existence (physical and spiritual), you’ll find it easier to pay less attention to what your mind keeps feeding you with. Mind is garbage….the voice of your soul is the real deal.

Now the question is how to raise the level of awareness? The only way to do this is through meditative practices. Pay attention – I didn’t say ‘Meditation’. Is there a difference? Yes there is. Meditation may seem difficult to a beginner because mind perceives it as a threat. It tries its level best to prevent an individual from indulging in any practice that can put a leash on it. Why would it want to live in servitude? If you are comfortable sitting in meditation for at least 15 min during the day (morning or evening) I would say it’s the best service you can do to yourself. Remember to clear your air channels by deep inhaling and exhaling for 5 min before you start meditating. What to focus on during meditation? In the beginning, try to focus on a Godly image (manifest form) or simple white light (un-manifest) in your mind’s eye. It’ll help bringing the attention to one single image / object instead of letting the mind sway you in all possible directions.

During the day, train yourself to practice ‘living in the moment’ technique which is an example of Meditative practice. Meaning, if you are sipping coffee, focus on its aroma, feel the taste of coffee in your mouth, follow its path down your food pipe into your stomach. Practice this technique with almost everything you do during the day. Whatever you do, do it with full attention…do it consciously and when you do this, your entire life becomes a meditative practice. Mind slowly and gradually loses its power on you and a time comes when it leaves you alone. When that stage comes, your mind becomes a ‘little genie in the bottle’, acting at your will. Trust me, you can command it to put you to sleep. No more drifting, no more stress, no more sleepless nights, no more anxiety.
A quick tip for falling asleep at night. Practice sleep meditation. Here’s how it is done. Lying on your bed, instead of desperately waiting to drift into sleep, close your eyes and follow your breath. Meaning, focus on how the air passes through your nose, wind pipe, lungs and …..here’s a little difference…imagine it going down to your belly (a little below your naval) and follow the reverse track…..the exhale route. Don’t keep a track of time. You wouldn’t even know when you fell asleep. Here’s the bonus! Sleep meditation opens doors to the subconscious. You might get visions, dreams, cosmic messages, premonitions if you do this on regular basis. All the best!

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