Stephanie Straffi (Fundraising Professional, Non Profit, Macaulay Honors College)

Anjali led a wonderful workshop for students at Macaulay Honors College this past spring. Her approach to reducing stress and building skills in the midst of challenging situations–like all aspects of the job-hunting process–can help college-age students become more confident and successful as they navigate new paths of adulthood. We were very appreciative of her interest in our scholars and her generosity in offering them her insights, time, and expertise.

Angelica Harris (Human Rights Activist / Advocate, Author)

Anjali Chugh is the President of the Forest Hills NAPW Chapter. I met Anjali just 3 months ago at my first meeting. Ms. Chugh was welcoming,gracious and kind and helped orientate me to the guidelines of the meeting. Ms. Chugh, invited me to speak at the August meeting and made sure that it was a memorable experience for every member. Anjali devotes her time in helping others attain their goals with her work as a Life and Spiritual coach. She aids her clients to become their personal best and go on to have a better future.

Karen Ann Jackson (Member QEDC)

“Thank you for your time and enlightening presentation this morning at the workshop in Queens. I like the point that you made: people can discern whether a person is genuinely interested in their welfare, and it makes a difference in business relationships. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn something new each day, and I’m glad that I made the time to meet with you. Thanks again for your work.”

Chaitanya M.N.K. (Advisory Manager at Deloitte, CIPP/US, CRISC, CISSP, CISA, CISM)

“Anjali is an exceptional person and very active Volunteer for social causes in New York. Her ability to work and give her best for Social causes and Meditation is simply amazing. Highly experienced and dedicated professional and an expert who possesses a remarkable ability to help every one either directly or indirectly.I would highly recommend Anjali and her empowerment program.”

Nucharee Jaikla (Healthcare Management)

“I’m glad I attended Anjali’s Meditation workshop on my friend’s insistence. It was my first time to learn something about Meditation and I hadn’t expected anything out of this session. Turned out I gained more than I could ask for. All I can say is that I was truly impressed. Anjali is a great instructor. She is calm, knowledgeable, patient listener, very approachable and easy to talk to. She explained the details of spiritual practices and their benefits in a very simple and easy to understand manner. She lead us step by step, through guided Meditation, on a journey of self discovery, which was a very powerful exercise in itself. Anjali gave us all the time we needed . I learned to turn inward and focus on my inner core. I also learned techniques to continuously bring my attention back to the focal point even when the mind wanders. I was totally amazed at how I felt after the session ended. All the chaos had suddenly disappeared. It felt so peaceful. I would highly recommend Anjali to anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, defeating thoughts, panic attack and lack of clarity. She delivers what she promises.”

Rachel Epstein, LMSW (Program Director, Queens Community House.)

“Anjali has been leading the popular meditation class for our members for the last few months. The class has grown in size due to her gentle and loving approach. The feedback that I received from the participants has been extremely positive. They have benefited from her class and are always looking forward to attending her workshops / group sessions. She knows her subject very well and has great teaching skills as well. I would recommend Anjali for any position involving human service. She is professional in demeanor and committed to the cause of empowering people and helping them align with Higher Energy.”

Jessica Quattrocchi (Art Teacher)

“I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet and work with Anjali. I have been studying holisitic healing practices awhile now, however Anjali has shown me that there is always more to learn. She showed me how to improve my meditation practices. She has imparted her knowledge of Reiki to me and I am grateful to have been attuned by her. Every time I leave her office I feel so relaxed and at peace. Thanks Anjali for helping me to grow on my spiritual journey. I will practice and pay it forward as you said.”

Susan Myers (Business Owner)

“Anjali is a compassionate listener with an amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter and create a good alternative to a situation. Her leadership skills are well earned through extensive knowledge in business and social skills. Anjali is a well respected leader in our professional networking group. Apart from being a caring person who wants the very best for everyone, she is a thorough professional who is well adept with skills needed for empowering those she comes in contact with.”

Karen Gerstman (Voice-Over Actor)

“Anjali lives up to the meaning of her name “divine offering” as she offers healing and guidance with amazing kindness and wisdom. More importantly, her calm and compassionate, yet commanding demeanor enables her to prove time and time again that she is a born leader.”

C. Jordan (Health Care)

“When I think of Anjali the words disciplined, dependable, organized and passionate comes to mind. She approaches everything she does – whether it’s teaching, counselling or presiding at a meeting with sincerity and a determination to add value to the lives of others. Initially, one is tempted to mistake her quiet demeanor for weakness. But, this perception is changed very quickly. She listens patiently and when she speaks, finally, it becomes evident that she’s a smart, organized thinker who can articulate both sides of the argument before offering an opinion. When she has to yield it’s done with grace and humility. In my view, this innate ability to be an active listener is the hallmark of a true leader! As a health/healing coach it’s indispensable! ANJALI – OFFERS THE ENTIRE PACKAGE!”

Marie Jose (President S.H.A.D. Inc)

“I met Ms. Chugh when I joined the National Association of Professional Women organization. After attending one of her events I decided to become a member of her Chapter. Ms. Chugh excels in leading the group with professionalism and empathy in cultural diversity. She is caring and devoted to her members and others chapters of the organization. She constantly provides counseling and healing support to the ones in need. As a humanitarian she assisted my non profit organization with a successful fundraiser (00) to help build a clinic for the disfranchised Haitian women living with HIV/AIDS. I feel very grateful.”

Jaye Corvino CLC, (Personal Development & Happiness Coach, A New Day – A New You Life Coaching)

“I have had the pleasure and honor to know and work with Anjali Chugh for many years. She is an expert in healing practices and definitely the “go to” in the industry. Experiencing her therapies, techniques and guidance first hand is a “must experience”. It has been life changing for me and all that I refer in my Coaching Business. Additionally, she is an awesome communicator and has great leadership skills.”

Camelia (Real Estate Industry)

“Anjali is outstanding- one of the most positive and capable communicators. She is creative, intelligent, knowledgeable, a present and responsive listener; quick to size up a problem and tireless in working to its successful solution. Anjali is a true leader and I have enjoyed getting to know her, how fabulous of a person she is and how caring she is about everyone she comes in contact with. She enjoys the respect and admiration of our group and earns my highest recommendation.”

Chevon (MSW)

“Anjali is a true professional and an expert at what she does. She will always deliver what she promises and in a timely fashion. It was a pleasure working with her.”

James C. (Insurance Industry)

“I have been meditating for years and I thought there was nothing that Anjali could teach me but I was totally mesmerized. Her way of imparting knowledge is very simple and different from many others. I can only say that I’ll keep attending her workshops in future as well. The simple techniques she taught me has significantly reduced my anxiety levels. I’m able to sleep better and wake up fresh in the morning. I had been living with sleep deprivation for years but not anymore. Thanks to her.”

Alvertis P. Alexander (Model, Actor Playwright, Author, Columnist I-Fashion Mag and SGIB Mag)

“Through your empathy and generosity, I have learned how to deal with the biggest losses I have ever had. Due to the tools you have taught me, I feel confident in my emotional self and know I can deal with my sorrow. You have brought healing, gentleness and tranquility back into my being. By the way if I hadn’t come into communication with you I would have never joined the National Association of Professional Women under your leadership. This indeed was a positive outlet for me. The NAPW Forest Hill Chapter under your leadership is so welcoming. Your healing and counseling seems to spill over into all that you do and I enjoy being in your presence. I will be forever grateful; thank you for using your wisdom and unique ability to truly understand my life’s ups and downs. Now I am able to share all you’ve gifted me and share it with the people I come in contact with. I cherish the peace that this experience has afforded me.”