pranayama1Meditation and Yoga are excellent modalities for creating harmony between physical and the spirit body. These practices help in restoring balance on the inside, and curing the body of all disorders and dis-eases that manifest on the outside. They, especially, work well for trauma, anger issues, anxiety, fears, insecurities, lack of concentration and hyperactivity. Science has proved beyond doubt that Meditation, if practiced for 15 min every day, results in reducing high sugar and cholesterol levels apart from maintaining optimum blood pressure and body weight.

reikiafterAdditionally, the state of the mind has a great influence on human aura. It has been found that the aura can be actively controlled by exercising a conscious control of the mind. In one of his case studies, Prof Korotkov recorded the electro-photonic glow around one finger only (index finger of right hand) which enabled the person (under study) to continue meditation without interruption. Prof Korotkov believed that changes in bio-field of one finger are representative for all fingers and therefore for the entire body. A set of images of the bio-energy field recorded in regular one minute intervals (with the help of Kirlian device) are shown in the figure, the first image on the right indicates the initial state just before starting meditation and the second one indicates the state after meditation.

Aura-a spiritual signature


Mediation significantly influences the Aura. People who meditate daily have been found to have much cleaner auras than those who don’t. Aura is a composite of electromagnetic impulses and as such has a natural tendency to attract and trap positive and negative vibrations, thereby affecting the body significantly. The negative vibrations act like a garbage to the body and may either cause physical ailments or even worse, the mental stress. The Aura, in such a case, looks dull, discolored and murky. Just like we don’t let the stinking garbage stay in the house for a long time, the Aura too needs to be cleansed of all the harmful negativity which gets accumulated in it, over a period of time. Meditation is the best way to cleanse aura of all negativity that it traps over a period of time.


Aura is a spiritual signature of a person, divulging the true picture of the inner self including any ailments or chronic problems on the physical and mental level. Aura can be used as a tool to detect latent clinical problems which can be alienated from the body with the help of ‘cleansing techniques’. Aura cleansing, however, should never be thought of as a substitute for medical treatment. It should, on the contrary, be used in combination with the conventional treatments available.

Self healing mechanism


reiki-healAccording to the research in the field of bio-electrography by Prof Konstantin Korotkov (documented in his book on Kirlian technology, originally in Russian) our body has the power of greatly intensifying healing processes if we perform simple conscious exercises on regular basis. Prof Korotkov’s studies laid down an effective method of consciously improving and controlling the self-healing ability of the mind-body system. He went a step further in holding that the self healing system could lay the foundation of the natural self-healing medicine of the coming century.

The reports reveal that every organ and every function of the mind-body system has its precise image in the electro-photonic glow of the Aura, which can be recorded using Kirlian effect devices. It has been confirmed beyond doubt, that recording the bio-energy field distribution around each of our fingers provides comprehensive information about all the major functions of our body. This theory seems to support the healing modality of ‘acupressure’. In general, any discontinuity of the intensity field around any finger indicates the abnormal activity of a corresponding organ, which is not in consistence with the rest of the mind-body system. This goes to show that any broken links, gaps or outbursts in the glow (Aura) around the finger tips indicate problems or potential problems. In a generic term healthy and harmonious activity of the mind-body system is manifested in a regular bio-energy field distribution around fingers, with no gaps, no empty spaces and no rapid changes in intensity and shape.